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Approaching Christmas and time to explore some of my local Churches or so I thought.

One of my interests is to visit old churches to enjoy the architecture both inside and out, today I decided to look at 3 local churches within Southampton. I am not religious but enjoy the tranquillity within the churches.(when I can get inside) I understand why but increasingly I find church doors locked, this was my experience today even with the approach of Christmas I was greeted by locked doors.

church1church yard

My first visit was to The Church of St Mary’s in the Parish of South Stoneham I thought I was in luck when I walked up the drive reading the sign Welcoming me to the Church and stating ” A place of prayer, worship, community and pilgrimage since the 12 century”. Set in its own churchyard the church was interesting. despite the sign the church was locked.

On into the city centre and The Parish Church of Southampton St Michael’s I entered through the large wooden door thinking things were looking up this time I was met by an inner glass screen with a door telling me pushed to open, unsuccessful it was also locked !!!.


OK, down the road to the bombed out Holly Rood Church which is now a merchant navy memorial since its bombing in WW2 by German Air Force. Several memorials are inside the ruined church including one for the Falklands War.

So with no roof and thanks to Hitler’s attempts to destroy the City of Southampton I finally got a moment of tranquillity inside a Church today.

Holly Rood 1Holly RoodHolly Rood 2

(Visits & Trips of Yesterday ) The Chattri

Many people are aware of the Brighton  Royal Pavilion and its Indian design. Due to this it was used as a Hospital in the first world war. for Indian Troops. 1.5 million Indian soldiers saw active service on the Western Front in WW1. some 12,000 were wounded. 53 of the servicemen who died in Brighton were Sikh & Hindu, respecting their religious needs they were cremated on the South Downs close to Patchham (their ashes then being then scattered in the sea).

working 041

At the cremation site is a war memorial called The Chattri as the monument is known was unveiled in 1921 by the Prince of Wales.

Today this war memorial is well worth the walk on the Downs across farm land  to its isolated & tranquil location a good spot to reflect on what this memorial means.

working 035working 042

Priddy’s Hard

dock crane

Priddy’s Hard is part of Gosport opposite the Royal Naval Dockyard at Portsmouth in Hampshire, for some 200 years it was a restricted area 1st developed as a fort it later became an armaments depot (around 1777) for the Royal Navy basically a massive weapons and explosives store. Much of the site is now redeveloped as housing but some of the most interesting building are part of the explosions museum and open to the public.

widowpriddysBpriddys hard 003apriddys hard 016

Looking Out for raiders.

A few miles from Lee on the Solent, at Meon shore is the remains of this WW2 bunker / outlook on a small sandstone cliff it is just hanging on  its foundations are starting to be exposed due to coastal erosion and I am sure it will go over the edge in the next few years. looking out on Southampton Water towards the Fawley Power Station which is also now redundant and about to be demolished.  A few years ago there were 2 of these structures but today only one remains. Picture taken November 2014.


view from bunker
view from bunker

(Visits and Trips of Yesterday) Looking out to sea, another place.

another place3another place5another place4another place2another place1another placeanother time anoth

Another Place is an iconic artwork by Antony Gormley. It is made up of some 100 cast iron figures situated across an area of sandy beach at Crosby The figures – each weighing 650 kilos – are made from casts of the artist’s own body and are shown at different stages of rising out of the sand, all of them looking out to sea, They remind me of something from Dr Who about to come to life. They are well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Into Welsh Mountains

Another wet day so a drive up the valley to Brecon and the mountain centre. Came across a ruined iron works in the  lower valley before getting into the Brecons .Now overgrown called Clydach  in was a nice short stroll between showers.

copy of picture of iron works as it was -drawing from sign at site
copy of picture of iron works as it was -drawing from sign at site
iron works today
iron works today

iron works

bridge across the river to iron works
bridge across the river to iron works
Brecon's in the rain
Brecon’s in the rain

No Deck Chairs for hire today

Seaside visit today Barry Island offered the industrial Welsh in the past a oasis from the valleys and pits and although it lacks the charm of isolated seaside coves it retains a character of  bygone days surprisingly many of the beach side cafes were open catering for the many dog walkers. Big dogs and little dogs enjoying the beach, most seem a little portly possibly due to elderly owners spending longer in the cafes and tea shops rather than walking their mutts.
Down near Ogmore is a poorly sign posted dead end hamlet of Merthyr Mawr where the remains of Candelston Castle a fortified tower house similar to those seen in Scotland. Other photos today show Nash Point Lighthouses and foghorn.castle

walking the dog Barry Island beach
walking the dog Barry Island beach
No Deck Chairs on the beach today
No Deck Chairs on the beach today
nash point
nash point lighthouse