Geminid Meteor Shower December 2014 A Post with no pictures

In the early hours of Sunday morning I decided to see if I could see some shooting stars. I had only ever seen a shooting star once before so after hearing on the news yesterday afternoon that The Germind Meteor shower was due to give us a shooting star   show on the night of 13/12/14 morning of 14/12/14.

Waking like clock work at 01.30 hours for a call of nature I stared out of the bedroom window to reveal a frosty night with clear sky my astronomical adventure was on.

Deciding our road had too much light pollution I de-iced the van and headed for darker skies. (Heater full on, heated seats full on) Passing through our village with the odd person staggering home after a night out and taxi dropping people off.

Parking up in the car park at 01:30 Durley Church I starter looking skyward my eyes soon adjusted to the dark “It is full of Stars” to quote 2001 A Space Odyssey.

In the moonlight with the outline of the church tower I spent the next hour and a bit watching the fast moving lines of shooting star streaking access the sky. seeing one every few minutes, I stopped counting at 20 sightings.

A most interesting way to spend the early hours of a Sunday Morning.

link to more info and pictures


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