Approaching Christmas and time to explore some of my local Churches or so I thought.

One of my interests is to visit old churches to enjoy the architecture both inside and out, today I decided to look at 3 local churches within Southampton. I am not religious but enjoy the tranquillity within the churches.(when I can get inside) I understand why but increasingly I find church doors locked, this was my experience today even with the approach of Christmas I was greeted by locked doors.

church1church yard

My first visit was to The Church of St Mary’s in the Parish of South Stoneham I thought I was in luck when I walked up the drive reading the sign Welcoming me to the Church and stating ” A place of prayer, worship, community and pilgrimage since the 12 century”. Set in its own churchyard the church was interesting. despite the sign the church was locked.

On into the city centre and The Parish Church of Southampton St Michael’s I entered through the large wooden door thinking things were looking up this time I was met by an inner glass screen with a door telling me pushed to open, unsuccessful it was also locked !!!.


OK, down the road to the bombed out Holly Rood Church which is now a merchant navy memorial since its bombing in WW2 by German Air Force. Several memorials are inside the ruined church including one for the Falklands War.

So with no roof and thanks to Hitler’s attempts to destroy the City of Southampton I finally got a moment of tranquillity inside a Church today.

Holly Rood 1Holly RoodHolly Rood 2


3 thoughts on “Approaching Christmas and time to explore some of my local Churches or so I thought.

  1. Thanks, pictures this time of year suffer from shadow . Can’t think how many gems l have missed over the years because of locked doors real pain when you are visiting somewhere when away on route never to pass that way again

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