Priddy’s Hard

dock crane

Priddy’s Hard is part of Gosport opposite the Royal Naval Dockyard at Portsmouth in Hampshire, for some 200 years it was a restricted area 1st developed as a fort it later became an armaments depot (around 1777) for the Royal Navy basically a massive weapons and explosives store. Much of the site is now redeveloped as housing but some of the most interesting building are part of the explosions museum and open to the public.

widowpriddysBpriddys hard 003apriddys hard 016


Published by

Andrew Finnegan

I enjoy visiting the coast and am working on seeing all the coast of the UK and over the past couple of year have been recording my camper van coastal tour in my blog I also blog places I visit which which you may also enjoy seeing . Aim of my blog is a Photo overview. (I am happy for my pictures to be used by other's but I will retain copyright and would request you ask prior use of any picture if using pictures on line please add a link to my blog)

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