Knock Eire is a centre of international Catholic pilgrimage & prayer site. On August 21st, 1879, the Virgin Mary, St Joseph and St John the Evangelist, appeared on the gable of Knock Parish Church. This Apparition was witnessed by 15 locals , young & old. As a result, Knock became a major Irish pilgrimage site of prayer and worship. In the latter part of the 20th century Knock’s popularity increased steadily, making it one of Europe’s major Catholic Maria shrine together with Lourdes & Fatima. Today this shrine is visited by one and a half million pilgrims annually.We visited a few years ago, the short walk from the car park to the shrines, passed through what was like a little Christmas market lots of wooden shed/huts all with plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes for sale for you to fill with Holly Water which came from a bank of taps near the Cathedral.

Knock Cathedral

Bottle Bank at Knock

Bottle Bank at Knock

Signpost near car park Knock

Signpost near car park Knock


(Visits and trips of yesterday) Knock Knock what’s there

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