Another wet and windy day. Our first visit to Coity Castle was a lock out Although open all year except Christmas the gate was well and truly locked. A quick phone called to Welsh heritage

( Cadaw) who phoned the key holder .

oup the valley

He was running late. As we did not know if he was on his donkey bringing the key or had a long return trip we decided not to stay and return later in the day (which we did). A drive through a sleet storm up the Rhonda Valley. Somehow the old mining towns hugging the valley sides look better in the rain. Once up out of the valleys The wilderness is ruined by fly tipping which spoils the beauty of the hillsides. Down another ex-mining valley stopping at Afron mining museum for a one to one Tour by the volunteer this is a fist class small museum with great collection of miners lamps. Lunch in the van in the rain at the beach at Port  Talbot over shadowed by industry and massive dock cranes. A run in the rain at Margam Abbey to another locked door – an Abbey locked up what is the world coming too.

the castle once open

the castle once open

Afran Mine equipment

Afran Mine equipment

dock cranes

dock cranes

Abbey with locked door

Abbey with locked door

our holiday cottage - first class

our holiday cottage – first class


Rain and Locked Doors

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