A Rainy day on the Welsh Coast

Heavy rain restricts a day out, disappointingly woke to rain which continued into early afternoon. However did not stop us going off to the beach to watch the sea. Went to beach at Llantwit Major(late breakfast in the cafe). Then later called into the cottage sized Church of St Mary Magdalene’s at Monknash. The foundations date back to the 12 century. Major restoration and alterations took place between 1890 and 1891. Registrations at the church date back to 1754. Some experimental photographs taken of St Mary’s church. Following one of my cameras failing during our Scotland trip I have invested in a new Fujifilm XT1 camera. One of the monochrome settings has the option to retain one colour so outside pictures were set to keep the green of the grass and the inside the red of the carpet was kept. I feel it works quite well.

On the way back to the cottage stopped at a farm shop picked up some local meat. We try to eat local produce while away and support local producers. http://www.sladefarmorganics.comday2 004

St Mary's

St Mary’s

day2 006day2 009


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