We have owned our VW California Camper van since 2012 and had many nights and days away in it. Perhaps this  our interest in this way of life dates back to my childhood when Mum & Dad had a VW Splitty Camper for a few years These old pictures date back to the sixties and were taken in the South of France, far further than we have been brave enough to venture.{even with the back up of credit card ownership to underwrite any thing than goes wrong. }I would love to know if 583 DTR is still out there in the Classic VW  circlesFile1 (2)File1File3aFile2


(Visits and Trips of Yesterday) Camper van holidays as a child.

3 thoughts on “(Visits and Trips of Yesterday) Camper van holidays as a child.

  1. Hi Andy,

    A great post, which I’m sure brings back lots of happy memories. It reminded me of two similar posts I did a while back, about my wife’s family who owned a series of Splitties and Bays. You’re right, in those days people seemed undaunted by the prospect of taking a slow, unreliable vehicle on a long, long journey !


    I wonder if you do track down 583 DTR ..?


  2. Thanks Ewan, for us if all goes wrong we have a credit card to fall back on Dad reminds me of a break down in his van with gran wiring cash to Devon post office to pay for a break down repair

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