Ha Ha -not what you think

Hinton Ampner House is owned by the National Trust it was rebuilt in the 1960 following a major fire. Today the House has just reopened (ground floor only) following major roof damage in the storms in Febuary (2014)

A walk around the grounds is a great place to watch the arrival of autum. Unfortunately the church in the grounds was locked and bolted today. A must see part of the gardens is the Ha ha.

A Ha-ha is a piece of landscape design to create a barrier but preserve the views of a landscape (often a planted landscape) Usually on a slope a wall is created below eye level and thus invisible from the property sheep and or cattle can graze but are restricted from the gardens or lawns The name Ha ha derives from the unexpected discovery of the hidden boundary

formal gardens
formal gardens
Garden Statue

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Andrew Finnegan

I enjoy visiting the coast and am working on seeing all the coast of the UK and over the past couple of year have been recording my camper van coastal tour in my blog I also blog places I visit which which you may also enjoy seeing . Aim of my blog is a Photo overview. (I am happy for my pictures to be used by other's but I will retain copyright and would request you ask prior use of any picture if using pictures on line please add a link to my blog)

One thought on “Ha Ha -not what you think”

  1. What a shame about the church, visited the house about 20 years ago, and do remember the HaHa, because its rather a nice one. The gardens look nice, many thanks for the visit 🙂

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