The Last Day of September 2014

Bright morning able to pack up our camper ready for the short run home. Crossing Sailsbury Plain spotted a “Church Open” sign at Everleigh this was quite a surprise as although we know the Devizes to Andover road well I had never spotted a church where the sign was. So other a quick U turn pulled into a tiny car park.  A few paces through trees the church came into view totally surrounded by woodland and hidden to all not in the know (or spotting the sign!) Replacing an earlier building today a small Gothic Church of St Peter a hidden building in the care of Churches Conservation Trust.What was nice the door was open to allow viewing of the monuments and windows inside.




Next stop a walk around Ludgershall Castle a ruin in the care of English Heritage with some very large Beach Trees on the banks to one side.The first castle was thought to have been built by Edward of Salisbury, Sheriff of Wiltshire. Ludgershall Castle was set within two adjacent enclosures surrounded by earthwork banks and ditches.  The north enclosure contained buildings, including a stone great hall and tower.  Around 1210, King John repaired and improved the castle which was later passed to his son King Henry III, who also made further improvements.






5 thoughts on “The Last Day of September 2014

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    • In my blog you are showing a picture taken by me of the church not the castle.
      You are showing a copy of my picture in your blog of my original photo and a copy with a “fake” ghost added does this fake ghost picture appear in your blog only (ie you have photo shopped my original photo and added the ghost or have you taken it from somewhere else on line if so could you tell me where it can be seen. Best Wishes Andy

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