An American made loco in the Welsh Mountains (A steaming and a rolling)

A short drive down the valley’s to The Brecon Mountain Stream Railway, at Pant when we arrived staff busy getting steam up on the narrow gauge railway. Watched carriages moved, coal and water taken on to an American made Locomotive. Just before set off  time of 10.30 two coach loads of passengers turned up (sod it) Got our seats and off  we went in full sunshine alone cuttings through woodlands, along by reservoir and up hillside. Passing Pontsticill Station through with museum and tea room without stopping (this is a 20 minute stop on the way down) another 3 miles and we stop to allow the train to reposition to the rear of the carriages to pull us back down the track. Fantastic views only spoiled by coach trippers moaning that there is no shops here just “views” Moan Moan Moan, just a shame it was not in a higher pitch and it could have been mistaken for a distant Buzzard calling. They soon shut up when we pulled up at the station for the planed 20 minute stop .Predicting the rush to the tea room I alight from the stopping train and buy the first cups of tea before the hoards gathered up their Zimmer frames and walking sticks  and rushed the serving hatch. After 20 minutes we were off again steaming back to Pant. 

No.2 our train was built by Baldwin of Philadelphia, USA in 1930 for the Eastern Province Cement Co. Port Elizabeth, South Africa where it worked hauling limestone. .Sounding like a Johnny Cash song In 1974 it ran away with no driver and  de-railed and was wrecked. It was treated as an accident write-off by the South African insurers and was purchased by The Brecon Mountain Railway as salvage. Brought back by sea and restored.

After leaving the station a drive across the Brecon Beacons back to the cottage. Finding a nice tea shop for a late lunch — simple home made light meals and cakes   Recommended   {OLD BARN TEA ROOMS at Torpantau  CF48 2UT}

Steam Up

Steam Up


view from the Brecon Mountain Railway

view from the Brecon Mountain Railway



Casey Jones

Casey Jones



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