Mixed pictures from our two weeks away in Scotland


These extra pictures  a mixture over the two weeks away  this first blog was really a trial of how it would be to record our trip and it worked out like an electronic blog for family and friends the only issue I have had with wordpress is how the photo’s seem to have a mind of their own on how they decided to up load some times full size other times thumb nails but I could not work out how or why ( those looking at the thumb nails they will increase in size in most cases by clicking on them.  My view on the debate of should local authorities let parents take children out of school for a holiday I reckon each child should be allowed to have a holiday in school time but they should blog does modern education have to be in the class room.

Scotland and independence very little seen while we were there about 5 stickers saying YES – I guess that was re independence rather than support of rock group. What we did see were a lot of signs saying “this development was funded by the EU”

CAMPSITE LIST       we made a conscious decision not to wild camp as we wanted to ensure we could take on water daily and have use of a shower and washing machines where ever possible. As it was our first holiday touring we also wanted to know our final destination for the end of the day so we booked by internet or phone a day ahead on most occasions.

  1. night 1  Camping Club Site              LUSS
  2. night 2  Caravan Club Site               BORA
  3. night 3  Camping Club Site              Dunnet Bay
  4. night 4  Private   (no services)         Kinlochbervie 
  5. night 5  Caravan Club Site               Kinionchewe
  6. night 6  Camping Club Site              Skye
  7. night 7  Camping Club Site              Skye
  8. night 8  Private  (no services)          Kilchoan
  9. night 9  Caravan Club Site               Connel
  10. night 10 Caravan Club Site              Carradale
  11. night 11 Caravan Club Site             New England Bay
  12. night 12 Caravan Club Site             Garlieston
  13. night 13 Caravan Club Site             Troutbeck Head
  14. night 14 Caravan Club Site             Brecon

day 2 after Luss 011




day3a 008




day4x100 015

day4x100 027

day4x100 034

sky2 x100 020

brecon Centre


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