In to Wales

Day 13




Last night watchedbreconx100 001 the horses from the stables next to the campsite being turned out, not a great horsy person but watching 20 plus horses running up the hill jumping and kicking then rolling in the dirt was an entertaining sight, then this morning them peaceful grazing making their way of the hill to the stables. One horse came to the gate next to our pitch. a field of sheep he pushed on it with his head turned around and pushed through the gate backwards gravity closing he gate behind him. Obviously the grass looked better that side of the gate. I have never seen a horse open a closed gate. Through the Lakes down the M6 a bit turning right towards Chester, then south into Wales to  5 star Brecon Caravan Club stop for the night before home tomorrow .Loads of Buzzards today but just 1 Red Kite. Laura protesting to having to go home decided to set fire to a tea bag on the gas hob!




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