Mull of Kintyre the mist rolling in from the sea

Today we are heading what appears to be South, early spot a Roe Deer running in the field close to the road. A long run today following the coast to the Mull of Kintyre bright blue sky as we watch flocks of Gannett’s following the coast and round the headland. Roads very rough and small by the time we reach the Mull. Views to Northern Island about 18 miles away, if you read this you must look at the map to see how far away we are. Major electrical work apparently it rarely snows here but there were snow drifts up to 20 feet high on the road 2 years ago with many pylons fell under the weight of snow. lots of dairy cows in the centre of the area where the hills are softer. Before camping stop at the largest town here Campbeltown. Looked at several campsites but no very good. Then found a site at Carradale looking out to sea great spot best so far and wifi works even out here. Family of Blackbirds walking around our feet as we have a BBQ. Ever had battered Haggis! 1800miles since leaving home.


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