OBAN Day 9

Leaving Ardnamurchan Point in bright sunshine really funny hearing where you are listed on the shipping forecast, we were only people apart from 1 tent staying last night. The area is so far West it takes 1 & 1/2 hours to get to main road on single track road and that is after another ferry trip to Corran just next to the holiday cottage we stayed in a few years ago. Great drive saw a Red Deer by the side of the road you can’t see in the photo but she was chewing on an old antler tossing it up it the air, further on more deer some distance away including a mother with her fawn. Watched the young  one feedfrom mum before  before moving off. Short trip on ferry and off to Oban . The Pottery we had been to before and loved  was closed on the way out so when on to Chachan Seil with the little bridge over the Atlantic.

Lunch, smoked Hagis then Back to a busy campsite pitch looking out to sea.( cat car sticker spotted)


Published by

Andrew Finnegan

I enjoy visiting the coast and am working on seeing all the coast of the UK and over the past couple of year have been recording my camper van coastal tour in my blog I also blog places I visit which which you may also enjoy seeing . Aim of my blog is a Photo overview. (I am happy for my pictures to be used by other's but I will retain copyright and would request you ask prior use of any picture if using pictures on line please add a link to my blog)

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