Archamurnch Point, as featured on the shipping forcast

Day 8

All night heavy rain and high winds I have never seen rain and wind like it, driving towards our ferry into the head wind it felt like the handbrake was full on. There were waterfalls coming down the mountains where yesterday there was nothing. Heading for the 10.15 ferry from Armadale to Mallag. We had left early and were going to stop near the ferry terminal for a brew up, however the 1st boat of the morning was running late so got that one which was a good thing as we were told they were pulling sailings after this sailing due to weather. Off the ferry at Mallag in just over 30 minutes and a short drive still in heavy rain to the National Trust Centre and column at start of Glen co stopping at the centre included a quick look at the viaduct used in Harry Potter. Hot Chocolate which the National Trust of Scotland should be ashamed of packet rubbish and £2.48 back on tiny coast roads   to Kilchoan basic campsite overlooking the Sound of Mull. By late afternoon weather cleared and a drive to Archamurnch Point with its tall Victorian lighthouse. Red Deer came down the mountain and walked across the road right in front of us, just looked and walked off.


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