More Skye if the rain cleared

Day 7

Spent the day touring around Skye right up to the top and back. Views and more views walked to coral beach, it’s sands are make up of tiny bits of coral forming a white sand.( Claigan Coral Beach)

Just a 100 miles today shorts miles traveled all week. There are some fantastic modern eco type houses on Skye. Looked at the outside of a folk museum interesting how the thatch of the old cottages are held down by rocks tied across it. Best waterfall ever stream drops right over a sheer cliff. Down to the harbour to pick up our tickets for 10.15 boat to Malag

Last time we were there we arrived by steam train from Fort William. Coming back to the campsite the rain started and has continued to come down sideways. On site surrounded by German motor homes the size of small bungalows they are keeping the wind of our little VW, have decided to keep the roof down tonight due to the weather and no rocks to tie it down with. The German must not be able to live without TV all had great big satalite dishes automatically rotating searching for a signal, we made do with radio 4.




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