To Skye

Day 6

Over slept this morning did not wake until 6.45. Left campsite at Kinlochewe through Glen Torridon then alone the coast to the isolated village on the coat – Lower Diabaig.

Two Castles today – tiny ruin of Strome Castle and the larger romantic and commercial Elan Doran Castle with arched bridge out to it. Then back heading West and over the Bridge to Skye. Several craft shops and galleries today but nothing to bring home.

Stuck behind a Dutch caravan expect it is heading to the same campsite as us unable to pass just that be too slow pulled it at a view, caught them up again at the campsite entrance where they were blocking the entrance stuck car on the grass van in the ditch!!! thing the whole campsite turned out to push and pull them out. 1/2 got into the camp where the accident prone caravaners were asking where is there a caravan dealer where we can go to get it check out for damage underneath. they were told not on Skye!!!!!! On checking in I asked the owner is it always this exciting here he said he had just had 4 year of excitement rolled in to the last hour

Campsite booked for 2 nights. Will leave Skye on Friday via ferry to Mallag

Our biggest ever road kill spotted today a Red Deer by the side of the road. Had local produced (No not deer) smoked Salmon bought from a small business, before coming onto Skye, sat in a heavy rain watching the waves. By 1700hrs bright sun so went for an evening drive. to the top of Skye


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