Day 3.
Light rain first thing used the griddle toaster for the first time and did not set the van on fire although smelt of toast until lunch time. Phoned ahead and booked night 3 at Dunnet Bay site. Left Brora caravan club site and followed the coast towards John o Groats some 66 miles or so. Pulled over at Helmsdale to look at harbour and memorial to those who have left Scotland for the new world. Then on alone the costal A99 heading North. By now both me and Laura suffering from midgie bites fom the night at Loch Lomond.  Another two harbour stops  before a change and a historic Scotland stop at the “Hill o Many Sains” (must mean stones). Said to be at least 192 stone lined up in 22 rows by prehistoric man, strangley if you  follow the lines to the horizon out to sea you see rigs of the Beatrice off shore oil fields. Reaching Wick topped up wilh diesel, working out at 32 miles to the gallon not bad for 180 hp 3 ton van. Also into Tesco for supplies and antihistamine tablets.
Up out of Wick still on A99 though the snow gates they close in inclement weather —– And at 11.30hrs on 29th June we reach John o Groats, what a $£!( hole. Customary photo at the sign pointing X number of miles to New York and X number of miles to Lands End.  No nice T shop here so back in the van at up to Duncanby head to see the light house and views to Orkneys In van homemade egg sandwiches. Windy Night?
Back on the road past The castle of Mey past our campsite to visit heritage centre at Castletown (great centre free and will get 5 stars on trip advisor from me.)
Few miles back to Dunnet Bay campsite, great site on edge of sandy beach.
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