Day One Scotland Hop 27th Southampton to Luss

The drive North., the 1st part of the trip is planned Southampton to Luss on edge of Loch Lomond 460 miles with an estimated travel time without stops just under 8hrs. Camping Club site booked for 1 night. Up with the lark departing early Friday 27th June 2014.Watch day one for updates from Loch Lomond once we get there {time scale subject to internet conection} Midgie repelant packed !

Final packing underway for start tomorrow morning Dispite real summer weather for past 2 weeks as we get ready the weather for the Friday trip up to Scotland and 1st few days forecasts rain true to form for our holidays

Well the alarm clock woke us a 03:50hrs  looking out just getting light and not rain quick breakfast feed the fish feed the cat out to the van AND RAIN. !!!!!!!!! after 2 weeks of summer weather. left a 04:35 back roads to Winchester and Main Road all the way

444 miles traveled day 1 — 7hrs  52  minutes drive time MPG 32.8

Night 1 at Camping Club site Luss  on banks of Lock Lomond




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