2015 East Coast of Scotland Camper van tour about to start

Soon it will be time to continue on our planned camper van trip around the coast of the UK. Last year we travelled from Inverness North and then followed the coast South down the Scottish West  if you followed our trip on this blog and want to follow our new 2015 blog  visit our other blog page https://andyfinnegan.wordpress.com/

2012 VW California SE campervan

This year we will head for Scotland up the M6 as far as Moffat the first bit the boring bit A to B. Then the holiday adventures start cutting across East through the Cairngorms to Inverness before again following the coast South. We aim to follow the coast as close as possible visit the harbours beaches and villages on route.

House sitting sorted so the cat and the garden will get cared for.

Our VW California campervan is coming up for 3 years old and 40,000 miles on the clock so MOT and end warranty checks sorted out last week. All camping equipment checked and sorted what we are taking. Basic food larder stocked with the aim of buying local produce day to day.

van 2van 3
we aim to blog daily as we did last year subject to connection to the Web.

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Shops that were once a mill

Botley Flour Mill is first recorded in the Doomsday Book of 1086. At that time it was owned by Ralph de Mortimer a French nobleman prior to 1066 it referenced in the |Doomsday Book as of pre Saxon origins.


The last wheels being fitted in 1870 The milling continued until 1993.The site is now a site of many small shops much of the workings remain some of the main buildings are in poor repair with the rear roof covered with sheeting.The advantage of the shopping centre at the mill is you can explore the mill (while looking at the shops or not).

BotleyMillmill racemill stonesMill